Free Talk on “Reptile” Theory, Damages, and Trial Strategy Now Available

Richard Gabriel recently delivered a video presentation for the Primerus Defense Institute on current plaintiff trial strategies and the oft cited Reptile Theory. In this short 30 minute speech, Mr. Gabriel discusses the theory behind the Reptile approach, explains seven common plaintiff strategies, and teaches how to prepare witnesses to address these strategies, to identify juror biases, to counter plaintiff anchoring of damage numbers in voir dire, and how to handle non-economic damages in trial.
His video presentation is now available online, and can be watched here.

Acquittal Now Available in Paperback

After a successful hardcover release, Richard Gabriel’s Acquittal is now available in paperback. If you missed its original release last year, now is the time to get a copy of the book.
“Illuminates the inner-workings of the justice system.” – Publishers Weekly
“With explicit detail, Acquittal instantly captures your interest, presenting reality with the ease of the finest fiction novel.” – Paul Lisnek, JD, Ph.D., host of Politics Tonight and Political Analyst for WGN – Chicago
“More than just a journalistic account of these famous trials, Gabriel reveals the struggles, sorrows, twists and turns, as prosecutors, defense attorneys, and high profile defendants wage battle on the public stage.” – Shawn Holley, celebrity attorney
The new paperback version of Acquittal can be purchased from Amazon.

“Acquittal Method” CLE Available for Civil and Criminal Litigators

While Richard Gabriel’s Acquittal focuses on his most famous high-profile cases, there are lessons to be learned from each of them that apply not just to criminal defense cases, but to prosecutors and civil plaintiff and defense attorneys as well.
The strategies and tactics needed to win high-profile cases are just as effective in smaller cases. In this CLE, you will learn how to plan your case, frame the issues, and control the courtroom to tell YOUR client’s story while undercutting the opposition.
For more information on this CLE or to schedule a presentation, please call our office at 310.979.0999.

Reviews for Acquittal Are Coming In!

The New York Post and the Persuasive Litigation blog have reviewed Acquittal. See below for snippets from these reviews and links to the full articles.


The New York Post

“There was shock across the country in 2011 when 25-year-old Orlando mom Casey Anthony was found not guilty of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.”


“But there was one person who saw it coming.”


“Richard Gabriel is one of the country’s top trial consultants, working with defendants in high-profile cases to help steer the trial toward acquittal.


Having worked on more than a thousand trials, including those of Anthony, O.J. Simpson and Phil Spector, his expertise comes in helping defense teams learn which factors will most strongly influence jurors, and this begins with the all-important jury selection.”


“In his new book, “Acquittal,” Gabriel shows how he picked the juries that would say ‘not guilty.’…”


Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm; Persuasive Litigator


“Litigators — both civil and criminal — consultants, and interested court watchers all over America should read ‘Acquittal.'”


“The book deserves to be read by those seeking a deeper understanding of not only these cases, but of American-style justice in all cases as well.”  


New CLE: Reptiles and the Art of War

We recently conducted a CLE for Primerus Defense Institute on countering some of the most popular and effective plaintiff case presentation tactics, and highlighted the ways in which defense miscalculations can actually assist plaintiffs in making their cases. This CLE covered crisis management, Reptile Theory, and strategies all litigators can use to more powerfully persuade a jury.
This CLE is now available for in-house presentation at your firm, company, or association.

New CLE: Influencing Damage Awards

How do juries really decide on damages? How do they negotiate with each other, use the case story and anchors to arrive at that final number? Who are low damage vs. high damage jurors?


This new CLE program explores and answers these questions, giving you a better understanding of how jurors arrive at damage figures, and the tools and techniques needed to increase or reduce damage awards.


Our CLEs are available as in-house presentations or can be delivered as part of a conference or larger CLE program.